Single Layer
Double Layer
4 Layer
6 Layer
8 Layer
10 Layer
12 Layer
14 Layer
Board Thickness
0.2mm – 3.2mm
FR-1 , FR-4 , CEM-1 , CEM-3 , HIGH TG , Aluminium, Halogen Free , High CTI
Laminate Supply
Copper Thickness
Outer Min. Copper thickness H oz cu , Max. copper thickness 4 oz cu
Inter Min. Copper thickness H oz cu , Max copper thickness 3 oz cu
* PCB Layout Copy Available
Minimum Hole Size : 0.2mm
Minimum Line Space and Line Width : 4 mil
Surface Finishing
OSP, Hot Air Leveling, Lead Free HAL, Immersion Tin, Immersion Silver, Immersion Gold, Flash Gold
Special Technology
Gold Finger, Peelable Mask, CNC V-Cut, Carbon, Blind / Buried Via, BGA Boards, Impedance Control
CAD Software
Auto CAD, CAM 350, Eagle, GC Gerber, PCB File, ProTel
PCB Application
LED, LCD Monitor, Telecommunication Equipment ; Computer Peripheral ; Testing & Measuring Equipment
Medical Apparatus ; Musical Instrument ; Power Supply ; Amplify ; Controller ; Security Alarm
PCB Assembly Services
SMT Chip Size - Down to 0402
QFP and BGA fine pitch - Down 0.4 mm
SMT Line Output Rate - 1000K Chips Per Day